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Kentuckians are blessed with an abundance of natural resources and beautiful land.  Matthew DeMarcus seeks to protect these resources.
Kentucky Lawyers Representing Kentucky Landowners The attorneys at Wolnitzek, Rowekamp & DeMarcus, P.S.C. have been representing the legal interests of clients since 1975.  The law firm employs five attorneys.  The firm does extensive work in real estate matters and handles utility easement transactions and negotiations.  The firm is located in Covington, Kentucky and represents clients across the Commonwealth. Matthew DeMarcus focuses on working with landowners relating to pipelines throughout the Commonwealth.  Mr. DeMarcus was born and raised in Lexington and worked as a laborer on farms in the Lexington area until he graduated from the University of Kentucky with a degree in Business Management.  While working on the farms, Mr. DeMarcus worked with tobacco, cattle, hay, corn and horses.  He has a unique perspective that relates to Kentucky landowners and their interest in protecting their land. Mr. DeMarcus believes that Kentuckians are blessed with beautiful land and an abundance of natural resources.  He believes this blessing should be protected to its fullest.  It is through these beliefs that Mr. DeMarcus has implemented restrictions...
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Matthew DeMarcus, at the law firm of Wolnitzek, Rowekamp & DeMarcus, P.S.C., is a lawyer who represents Kentucky landowners.  He is a lawyer with experience in handling the negotiations with the pipeline companies.  Mr. DeMarcus handles all aspects of the Kentucky landowners’ relationship with pipeline companies including the handling of the language that is contained in the easement documents and the financial negotiations.  Mr. DeMarcus is a Kentucky lawyer who is from Kentucky, practices law in Kentucky and represents Kentuckians.
A pipeline project on the horizon relates to an existing pipeline through Kentucky that may be re-purposed to transport natural gas liquids. The pipeline runs from Greenup County to Simpson County. The existing pipeline is owned by Kinder-Morgan. Kinder-Morgan is a large energy company traded on the New York Stock Exchange under ticket symbol KMI. The existing pipeline currently transports natural gas, which is different than natural gas liquids. For more information on the potential re-purposing, please click HERE.